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Terms and Conditions

All of the information described herein relates to Ways to Die—referred to as “We”, “Us”, “Our” and variations of “The Site”—and the reader—referred to as “you”, “your” and variations of “The Reader”.


We take the privacy of our readers very seriously. That’s why we have an SSL certificate installed on the site, even though this is not considered essential for a content site like this. We take very little information from you and we only do this at your request. To learn more about this, including our cookies and other policies, visit our Privacy Policy page.

Copyrights and Trademarks

We take copyright very serious and we will do everything in our power to retain work that is ours. Anyone caught using the content on this site, whether in the form of text, layouts, images and other original material, may face legal action.

This includes:

  • Text: All of the text on the Ways to Die is exclusive and original. It was written for Ways to Die by the Ways to Die writing team. We will not tolerate theft of this content and will take immediate legal action against anyone found to be using this content.
  • Images: Many of the images used on Ways to Die come from the public domain and are not tied to any copyrights. Every now and then we will use our own images though so you should assume that everything is copyrighted and look to request permission from the copyright holder before using your chosen image.
  • Layouts: The layouts on Ways to Die come from premium WordPress themes. These are copyrighted and licenses need to be purchased in order to run them on other sites. We have these licenses and therefore run these themes legally. Anyone caught using them without those licenses may face legal action from the copyright owners.

If you do wish to use any of the content on this site, whether in partial or full form, please contact us beforehand and request permission. This may or may not be given, but only when you have express permission from us can you use any of this content with impunity.

Third-Party Links

One of the ways that we generate an income for the Ways to Die website is through the use of third-party links. These links come in many different forms, including links that we deem to be informative, and links that we have some kind of financial connection to. However, you should understand that this connection is tenuous and associated to a single product or a service that we have decided to promote.

By promoting this product or service we have deemed it to be helpful, but we may not have tested it ourselves and this connection should not be seen as an endorsement. We simply don’t have the time to vet every site that we affiliate with and we also have no way of controlling many of the adverts that are displayed on our website, such as through the use of Google Adsense, in which case the adverts you see are generated by your activity and not by our preferences.

You should exercise caution when viewing any third party sites linked to from Ways to Die and we can not be held responsible when this does not happen and when such a visit results in a negative experience for you.

Sponsorship and Advertising

Ways to Die occasionally engages in sponsorship and advertising opportunities, allowing websites to display their banners and their links throughout the website. As with our third-party affiliation mentioned above, these are not always vetted and our partnership should not be seen as a recommendation or validation on behalf of Ways to Die. We do pay attention to the sites we promote, but we are not in a position to buy their products or use their services like a customer would.

As a result, we are unable to recommend fully and can not accept liability for anything that happens as a result of a Ways to Die reader using these sites.

Anyone entering into a sponsorship agreement with Ways to Die acknowledges that this sponsorship may come to an end if their content is deemed inappropriate. We reserve the right to end any agreement if we believe that the service/product being advertised is somehow harmful to our readers or otherwise goes against the initial agreement between advertiser and publisher.

In such cases, refunds may be offered or alternative arrangements may be made.

Writing for Us

If you follow the guidelines described on our Write For Us page and this results in you being offered an opportunity to work for Ways to Die, then you do so knowing that:

  • There is no guarantee of payment for anything that you provide;
  • all copyrights will automatically transfer to us, with credit to the author;
  • we may choose to delete any published content;
  • we reserve the right to edit the work submitted us, which includes removing links;
  • we may add or remove images and other media;
  • we may choose to end the working relationship at any time;
  • we can not guarantee the publication of all articles sent to us;
  • we will not use the tiles anywhere else without prior permission.


The Ways to Die website was created for responsible adults only. This is a site that may adversely affect those with a sensitive disposition. We make no attempt to hide the nature of the content though and have a disclaimer to warn users against it. You use this website at your own risk.

Changes and Consent

By continuing to use the Ways to Die website after reading the terms describe herein you are giving your consent for them. We reserve the right to make changes to these terms as and when we deem necessary. If those changes are made then your consent continues to be implied.

Should that not be the case and should you disagree with one or more of these terms then you may simply close this website down. Please contact us if this is the case and let us know what your issue was. This website was created to offer a genuinely helpful and entertaining user experience and if there is anything stopping that then we will look to make changes where possible.