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Privacy Policy

The policies described herein relate to Ways to Die, “Us”, and its readers, “You”. These policies describe our processes with regards to the privacy of all users of this website, including our policies on cookies, analytics, and other essential information.


All of the content on Ways to Die, including but not limited to text, artwork and layouts, are designed for informational purposes only. The purpose of this text is to entertain and by reading it you are agreeing that Ways to Die and its owners and operators can not be responsible for anything that happens as a result of the use or misuse of this information.

Everything contained within the Ways to Die website should be read by responsible adults only. While we make a conscious effort to avoid using images that may shock or offend, the subject matter that we cover may incite the same response from young or vulnerable people. The nature of this content is clearly labelled throughout, so we can not be held responsible and all readers use this site solely at their own risk.

Your Information and Us

Ways to Die was created to inform and educate. It is a content site, an informational site. As a result, we do not need or request any sensitive information from our readers. However, there may be occasions in which limited information is requested and/or extracted. These are:

  • Contact Forms: If you use the contact forms found on our Contact page and Write For Us page then you will be asked to supply us with your name and your email address. You do not have to supply us with your real name and a pen name can be used, but we ask that you give us a legitimate email address.
  • Newsletters: In order to receive periodic emails and general correspondence from the Ways to Die content creation team, you may request to join our newsletter.
  • Analytics: This information is extracted automatically by Google and other third-party analytic programs. These are commonplace throughout the internet and are used to give the webmasters a better understanding of who is using their website and what they are doing while they use it.

What We Do With Your Information

When you use our contact forms we request that you give us your name and your email so that we can respond to you, referring to you by name and knowing exactly where to send the message. That’s the only reason we request that information.

As for the newsletter, if you do not specifically request to be added to our list then it will not happen. If you do request admission to a newsletter created by Ways to Die then yo will be given an option to unsubscribe at anytime, at which point your contact details will be removed from the list and you will never receive another message from us relating to that newsletter.

With regards to the analytics, the information is used to help us improve the website. This information is not sold, leased, traded or given away and it is only viewed by the owner of the Ways to Die website. This info will be used to determine where visitors are going; how many of them are clicking onto the site each day; which articles they are reading; and how they landed on the site.

How We Keep Your Information Safe

We endeavor to keep your information safe, regardless of what that info is. In many cases, we will simply delete your information when it is no longer needed. If you have contacted us via one of our contact forms and we have replied to your message, then it may be deleted. If not, it will be stored securely on our server and a copy will also be stored on an editor’s computer. In both cases it will only be accessible to a small number of people, all of which represent the Ways to Die team.

Ways to Die also uses SSL certificates throughout the website. These serve to keep everything secure. Commonly used to secure e-commerce websites and other websites where a lot of data is transferred, they can help to secure things from both ends. They are used on Ways to Die to help give readers that extra peace of mind and to secure what little information is sent through the website.


Cookies are small files that are added to your computer and serve as a connection between that computer and the website that you are using. These cookies are perfectly safe and they are standards across most content websites. That’s because they are believed to improve the user experience. Cookies are the things that show you where you have been and which articles you have read, allowing you to focus on the pages you haven’t yet seen and the articles you still need to read.

On Ways to Die we reserve our right to use cookies and are using them at the current time. We believe them to be safe and we also believe them to provide a better user experience. If you object to this then please contact us and let us know.

Third-Party Privacy Policies

The policies described herein relate to Ways to Die and Ways to Die only. They do not apply to third-party websites that we link to. On Ways to Die we link to many different sites that we believe are relevant and useful. These include sites that are sourced as references in our articles; sites that are connected to the Google Adsense program; and sites that we are affiliated with.

Beyond a basic affiliation, we are not connected to these sites. We do not have access to their accounts and can not control their operation. As a result, we can not be held responsible for their actions or for what a user does when they leave the Ways to Die website for one of these sites.

Upon clicking onto a link found on Ways to Die you should immediately seek out the privacy policies of the site that you visit.

Consent and Changes

Your consent for these terms is implied if you continue to use the Ways to Die website. We also reserve the right to make changes to these terms if and when we deem necessary. Upon doing this, your consent will continue to be implied if you continue to use the Ways to Die website.