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Ways to Die Main Page (The Portal to the Light Side of Death)

Ways to Die Main Page

This is the main menu page for our Ways to Die section, which showcases some of the best top lists that we have on this website. It’s what our website was named for after all, and it’s the reason we built this website. A lot has changed since we first decided to create WTD and we have added all new kinds of content in different subjects, but this remains the foundation.

So, start enjoying it straight away. You can find out what we have available by hovering over the Ways to Die menu section above and then clicking on one of the articles that drops down. There are several of these and our aim is to add to it all of the time and grow it into something significant. But if it’s small at the time of viewing, then forgive us, because we’ve only just gotten started!

Our Ways to Die Articles

So, what are the articles you can find on this Ways to Die content section?

The first one that went live, and a personal favorite of ours, is Dumb Ways to Die. This is a collection of Darwin Award winning potential, an amalgamation of stupidity, people who were always destined to end their life because of their ineptness.

There is also a Worst Ways to Die article for those wondering just what the most painful, problematic, twisted possible way to meet your maker could be. We’ve used our imagination, we’ve looked at the facts and we’ve presented some real life cases. The end result is every bit as disturbed as you expect.

What to Expect

So, just what can you expect to find on this section of the Ways to Die website? Well, as the name suggests, it’s all about the absurd, crazy and downright stupid ways that people have met their demise, as well as the strange ways that we could all meet ours. It sounds dark, it probably even sounds a little disturbing, but that’s not our goal.

We just want to shine a little light onto the dark side of life. We think that humor is the best way to get over anything and the best way to prepare yourself to face the things you fear. Death is something we all fear, something few of us can face with strength and confidence. So, we just want to make it a little easier, a little less foreboding.

However, even though we look at the light side and even though we don’t write these to shock or disgust, these articles should still be avoided by anyone with a sensitive disposition. In fact, most of the Ways to Die site should be avoided by anyone with such a personality, because the above description accounts for pretty much everything that we do, whether we’re writing about unsolved murders and serial killers, or crime rates.

Just take a look at our About Us page to learn more.

New Ways to Die Content

Do you have any ideas about new lists that can go here? Then get in touch. You can also contact us to submit any of your own material in case you want to try your hand at writing it yourself. If you think there is something we’re missing and you think you can write it, then by all means send us the details, give us a sample of your work and let us know why you are the best person for the job.

You can find contact details and write for us details at the very top of this page. And if you genuinely have something that we haven’t covered (it’s always better to check the actual Ways to Die articles as opposed to just reading the titles, because there’s a lot more than meets the eye) then our editors will definitely look favorably on you. They like nothing better than unique content that perfectly fits the mold.

Similar Content on Ways to Die

Although this Ways to Die section is one of the main sections on the site and one of the main reasons we set the site up, there isn’t a lot of content that can be said to be “similar” elsewhere on WTD. We cover serial killers, we cover rates of murder in certain cities, states and countries, but with regards to the bizarre ways people have met their demise, there isn’t a great deal that is similar.

However, you should definitely take a look at our Celebrity Deaths section. Many historical figures and celebs could have easily been listed in some of the Ways to Die guides we have covered. These include everyone from Houdini, who seemingly died after asking an audience member to punch him, to Stalin, who may have not died in a strange way, but killed many people in strange ways.

You should also have a peek at our Unsolved Serial Murders section. There is a full list of some of the most infamous serial murders that were never solved, but if you dig a little deeper you will be able to read about individual cases. If you love a good mystery and a bizarre death, then it’s the perfect section.

Finally, a Disclaimer

We have mentioned this before in the articles themselves and you can also find it in our Privacy Policy, where we have a disclaimer. However, it is worth mentioning again. The content found within may be triggering and it may not be suitable for people who are vulnerable and/or underage. We try our best to limit the use of graphic pictures and to make sure we keep it light, but make no mistake about it, this is not a family site. It is a dark, horror website that was created with responsible adults in mind and we can not be held responsible for anyone reading this who doesn’t fit within that mold.

Also, we understand that many of the people searching for the words “Easy Ways to Die” may have some dark intentions in mind. We do not promote this and have written these articles purely to inform and entertain. If you are going through anything like this yourself, take some time to talk it out, to think about what you have, and never rush into anything so drastic.

We get it, humans can be dicks and life can be shitty, but there are always better and easier times just around the corner and everything usually works out for the best in the end. We’re not telling you the glass is half full, we’re just saying that if you focus on the good then you’ll be thankful you at least have a glass in the first place. But don’t listen to us, see someone who knows what they are talking about and get the help you need.