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FAQ (Questions Answered on Links, Guest Posts, Sponsorship)

Ways to Die FAQ

If you have a few questions about the Ways to Die website and the work that we do, then take a look at the FAQ below. We have discussed the basics many time already and you can find this info on our About Us page and on our home page. On this page we’re going to discuss the things that other webmasters, writers and marketers will be interested in, while also letting you in on a few secrets concerning the WTD project.

Ways to Die FAQ

If you have any additional questions to the ones discussed in this FAQ then just get in touch, ask away and we’ll add them to our FAQ if it becomes a common thread. You can also use that page to enquire about advertising and other opportunities, more information on which you can find on this page.

Who Owns Ways to Die?

Ways to Die is owned by Compulsion Media. This is an independent project that owns a string of websites in a number of different subjects. The goal of Compulsion Media is to build a brand that everyone can appreciate, from the advertisers looking for targeted, unoffensive adverts, to the readers who get to enjoy content that is unique written by professional, acclaimed authors and writers, and is never riddled with popups, banners and all that other stuff that everyone hates.

To learn more about Compulsion Media, Contact Us or visit the brand’s main URL.

Can I Add my Link on Your Site?

We have a Directory where we add links to relevant sites that we respect and recommend. We’ve received requests to add additional links here, but this is not something that we’re willing to do just yet. We want to focus on sites that we find ourselves, sites that we genuinely appreciate.

However, if you have a site that ticks all of the following boxes then feel free to send us a link. We’ll add it if we think it is a good fit:

  • Offers unique content.
  • Covers same topic as the Ways to Die content.
  • Is not full of ads and does not have any popups or other intrusive advertising.
  • Does not sell a product.
  • Does not contain anything that Google frowns upon (you know the content).

All You Looking for Writers?

We are always looking for writers that can join the site, but we are very particular about what we accept. It has to fit with the rest of the WTD site; has to be well written; and it can not be filled with links to low-authority sites. If you think you’re a good fit, checkout our Write for Us page.

Just know in advance that spam will be rejected before it even reaches us; all links will be removed and only valuable and relevant ones will be kept; and “fluff pieces” only intended to post links will be rejected. We are happy to pay our writers, but only if they follow our guidelines to the letter and prove their worth to us.

Can I Write a Guest Post for Your Site?

You can certainly try, but there are some rules in place here as well. There are many links that we will reject outright, even if they are attached to a well written article. For guest posts to pass they need to be well written, they need to be relevant, they need to cover content we don’t yet have and they need to include relevant links.

Visit the Write for Us page linked above to learn more.

Jobs at Ways to Die

While we are currently looking for a few writers, we already have a strong and capable team working for us and we’re not looking for any other roles to be filled. These are the jobs currently undertaken by different employees at Ways to Die:

  • Developer: The man who brings everything together and makes sure this site runs cleanly.
  • Head Editor: The one who checks all incoming content and most incoming messages.
  • Head Writer: The woman behind most of the content you see on this site.
  • Owner: The one who oversees the addition of articles, as well as any and all major changes.
  • Secondary Writers: A small number of writers who work on a freelance basis to create additional posts and pages where needed.
  • Advisor: Everyone needs someone to turn to when they have a question to ask, and for all WTD employees, this is the woman in control.
  • Lead Artist: Our artist adds her exceptional talent for visuals to everything you see, making sure the aesthetic is sound and that original images, logos and more are created to boost it.

What are Your Terms and Conditions?

You can see a full list of our Terms and Conditions by clicking the link. Here we discuss our affiliates and other basic information.

Where do you Stand on Privacy?

Check with our Privacy Policy to learn more about this, including how we gather information (if indeed we do) and what we do with it.

Will you Review my Horror/Crime Site?

If you have a good site that fits the guidelines mentioned above for “sites we link to” then we might consider it. But you’ll have to contact us in advance to discuss a sponsorship opportunity. Our writers charge money and virtual real estate costs money as well, so we need to pass those fees on.

Will you Review/Post my Book or Film?

As above, we do offer this service for a price. You can also book advertising space on the Ways to Die website if we think that your project is a good fit. Just use the contact page linked above (and in the page’s main header) to get in touch with us and give us the details.

Do You Have Social Media Pages?

This was never part of the plan for Ways to Die. We understand that it is the norm these days, but for us it’s extra time and work that we didn’t foresee having when we launched the website. If that changes then you’ll know about it as we’ll start adding links to our social media pages.