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Crime Rates (Stats and Facts from all Over the World)

Crime Rates

Are you looking for some home truths about the status of crime in your country? Has it increased or decreased; is it worse in a particular country or city; is it worse when you focus on a specific demographic?

Those are the questions that we aim to answer in this section, because those are the questions that everyone has been asking. We have taken it upon ourselves to find the answers and to relay them to you. So, take a look and prepare yourself for some shocking and fascinating information.

What to Expect From Crime Rates

This section, as mentioned above, is all about converting official figures into articles that are informative, entertaining and will leave you with one less question. These articles address subjects that may be controversial and uncomfortable, but we approach all of these from a neutral standpoint and let truth guide us the rest of the way.

Best Articles on Crime Rates

One of our most requested articles was Murder Rates by Country, which tells you all that you need to know. This article takes a look at the murder rates of each country and asks which is worse, which is best, and where the likes of the US and the UK fit in that list. There are some surprising revelations here, as is usually the case, so take a look and learn something new today.

If you are based in the United States and want some info that is specific to your state, your town or your city, then take a look at Highest Murder Rates in the US. The title is self explanatory. It basically looks at all major regions in the country and asks which ones have the highest rate of crime and which ones have the lowest. Again, there are some surprising results here.