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Celebrity Deaths (Weird, Wonderful and Shocking Stories)

Celebrity Deaths

We’re all a little obsessed with celebrity deaths, whether we like to admit it or not. They fascinate us when they are alive and they get our respect and our sympathy when they die.

But because so many of them pass, we also tend to forget when they die. A few years later, we find ourselves asking if they are still alive or not and then, when the answer is in the negative, we start wondering how they passed. If their death was mysterious then those questions grow even more. The problem is, when they die we want to know how, but most of the time we have to wait for an autopsy report. By the time it is released, their death is no longer headline news so we don’t get to hear about it.

All of that is why we created the Celebrity Deaths section. We want to give these people one last hurrah by reminding everyone of the work they did, the things that made them great and, ultimately, the way they passed.

Celebrity Deaths

We will cover celebrities new and old. If you have asked us about them, then we will cover them. It is as simple as that. In the past we have covered everyone from historical figures such as Queen Elizabeth the First, to masterful magicians like Harry Houdini. That’s not all either, as this is one of the sections that is constantly being updated and one that will receive a steady flow of new articles.

To see which ones we have covered, just use the menus above. Hover over the Celebrity Deaths section, take a look at the things that pop-up and then make your selection. You can also use the Search Function in the top right hand corner of this website. It will search through Ways to Die only, giving you access to all articles and posts.