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About Us (All About Ways to Die and its Team)

Ways to Die is part of a large portfolio of websites, including sites that cover many different topics. We are not a big multinational corporation. We’re not owned by a major media organization. We are simply a team of hard-working writers, artists and developers who want to bring their passion together in order to create a few websites.

Ways to Die is one of our prized assets. It has received more care and attention than most and is a flagship project of sorts. This is a project of passion and one that we have all loved to do. We created it because we have a deep seated fascination with the subject matter and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Why Did We Create Ways to Die?

This site wasn’t created with any big goal in mind. We created it because we had a certain fascination with the subject matter. We created it because we are content writers and website makers who have developed many different projects that have little connection to our genuine interests. We wanted a change—this was a project of passion for us and we have enjoyed every minute of it.

We continue to pour everything we have into this project. That’s the way it should be and that’s why Ways to Die is so special to each and every one of us. It may sound a little bizarre to have such a passion for serial killers, mysteries and crime statistics, but take one look at some of those promising article titles and tell us you’re not in the least bit interested. It’s an interest we all have to some degree.

This is fascinating subject matter and we love writing it as much as we love reading it. We wanted to create something that was an informative encyclopedia, something that offered the entertainment of a viral website but without the annoying ads and click bait. So, on the one hand you have the informal writing, the laid-back approach and the stats and info you need to make it compelling; and on the other hand you have a no-nonsense, honest approach that doesn’t drain your processor with annoying ads and pop-ups.

It is everything a site like this should be, but everything that just doesn’t seem to exist out there. It takes a lot to make this happen though so if you appreciate our work then please keep reading to support its continuation. That’s all you need to do!

The Ways to Die Team

As mentioned above, this website is owned and operated by a number of hard working creative types. We’re all interested in this subject and we’ve all helped to bring this site together. You can contact each of the team members through our Contact Page, but please give us a few days to respond as we’re usually very busy keeping the site active and producing new content:

  • Paul: The owner of the site, Paul is also a writer who has contributed to many sections on Ways to Die. Most of his content can be found in the Serial Killer sections of the site, but he also wrote the pieces on murder rates and other statistics. A hard-working entrepreneur, he owns the company through which Ways to Die operates. He owes the success of this site and that business to the rest of his team.
  • Ezra: Our head editor, Ezra is the one who will field any questions you have and will also look over any submissions that you send. As mentioned elsewhere on the Ways to Die website, he has been instructed to ignore attachments and because he’s already a little frustrated with irrelevant submissions, he also ignores anything that is off-topic. But he is easily won over by good writers and by anyone who follows the guidelines. If you want to write for us then you need to get on his good side.
  • Shana: One of the most prolific writers we have, and one that we often turn to when we need something done in a hurry. Shana has been responsible for some of the most popular articles on Ways to Die and was particularly proactive with our Celebrity Deaths section, as well as most of our mysteries.
  • Mel: Another integral part of the Ways to Die writing team, Mel picks up the slack every now and then. She has also been tasked with overseeing some of the submissions, comments and suggestions that we receive. As with all of our team, you can post your questions or comments direct to her by using our contact page.
  • Alan: The hardest working developer in the Western Hemisphere, Al has been an essential cog in the WTD machine. He helped to bring the site together, to create the layouts, to write the code and to oversee the server activity. Al is the virtual tech support of the Ways to Die operation and without him we would be lost.
  • Lily: The WTD artist and head designer, Lily is the one with the artistic eye that ensures the site looks the part and also helps with all graphic deign projects, whether she’s working on images for the site directly or is piecing together some marketing visuals to help with exposure. Lily also works part-time on our promotional team.
  • Beatrice and Sheldon: This is the promotional part of the WTD team. They are advisers, SEO specialists and marketing experts. They help to increase our exposure away from the site. If you found us on social media or through a search engine, then there is a good chance that these two were involved somewhere along the line.

Can I Join the Team?

You can if you are a writer, but there are some guidelines to follow before this happens. We are very strict about who we accept because we’re very specific about the content that we produce. So, if you want to join us then make sure you follow all of the guidelines on our Write For Us page very carefully.

The reason so many submissions are rejected is because these guidelines are ignored. And we’re not talking about 1 or 2 oversights. We’re talking about submissions that are not even on the same subject—we often get submissions relating to sport and casinos! So, anyone who pays attention to our actual guidelines will always be pushed to the front of the queue and will get the utmost respect from our editors.