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Welcome to Ways to Die, the site that takes an irreverent look at the darker side of life. If life is all about embracing the darkness, facing the things that scare you and using knowledge as power, then Ways to Die is your weapon against the mediocrity, insanity and terror that is your everyday existence.

Ways to Die is one part humor, one part mystery and several parts obscurity. We cover the things that are not being covered elsewhere; we say the things that no one else dares; and we aim to shed a little light on the darkness that is humanity. So, with plenty of further ado, here’s some more information on just what we do here.

If you want to skip all of this then feel free to start browsing the site immediately. You can find our menus at the top and you can also use the ‘Search’ function to find info on a specific case, person or mystery.

What We Cover on Ways to Die

Here on Ways to Die you will find all of the following main sections:

Ways to Die

This is the reason we started the site and it serves as a foundation for everything that we do here. These articles list horrific, amusing, scary and painful ways to die. If you have requested it then we will cover it. Just bear in mind that this is all about entertainment and intrigue. We do it because it’s of interest to us and to you and not because we’re making fun of the dead. Still, if you are in anyway squeamish or sensitive, then we would advise against reading these articles ro indeed anything else found on the Ways to Die website.

One of our main articles on this Ways to Die section is Dumb Ways to Die, which follows on from a tradition that has been set by the Darwin Awards and countless top TV programs.

Information on Serial Killers

They are the things that we’re all a little fascinated about, even though we don’t want to admit it. But it is perfectly normal to be interested in serial killers. They represent the dark side of humanity, the taboos that we would never contemplate ourselves. They are horror movies brought to life, real-life embodiments of evil. That’s why we find them so fascinating and that’s why we have a lot of information on serial killers here on Ways to Die.

You can find everything from top lists on the Worst Serial Killers, to biographies on the killers that you have never heard of. We love a good mystery here at Ways to Die and we’re sure that our readers will feel the same way. So, one of the main focuses of this section is unsolved serial murders—our writers expose the stories you don’t know about and try to shed some light on killers that were never caught.

Celebrity Deaths

After noticing that many questions were being asked about celebrity deaths, we decided to cover it in full. Many celebrities have died in strange, unnatural and unexplained ways, and in this section we will cover them in full. Whether you’re wondering about the details of Houdini’s demise or you want to know how a historic figure passed, then this is the section where you’ll find it.

Unsolved Mysteries

Finally, one of our personal favorite sections on the Ways to Die websites covers unsolved mysteries and crimes. We have already mentioned the unsolved serial murder cases that we have covered and in many ways this section is an extension of that. But we don’t just focus on serial killers. There are stories of unexplained disappearances, murders, assaults and much more.

Crime Rates

Another section that served as a foundation for Ways to Die was articles on murder rates and other statistics. These were some of our favorites to write and have since proved to be some of the most popular articles on the site. They include articles such as Murder Rate in the United States, where we discuss just how many people die every year in this country and what is being done to stop it.

Similar articles can be found throughout this section, including pieces like Black Serial Killers vs White Serial Killers, where we put some controversial statements to the test and ask if it’s true that black people murder more than white people. This is the sort of controversial subject that we enjoy tackling here on Ways to Die, adding some truth to arguments that are often founded on lies, ignorance and bigotry.

Other Content

There is a lot more to this site than what we have mentioned above. Those are the main pages, but we also look to cover anything that is of interest and anything that fits within the crime, horror or serial killer spectrum.

You can find all of these articles yourself by looking at the menus above and the pages that drop down when you hover over them.

Learning More About Us

If you want to find out more about the work that we do here at Ways to Die, as well as the team that puts this content together, then click onto our About Us section. If you still have a question about any of that then you may also want to take a look at our FAQ section, where you will find answers to questions on sponsorship, advertising, and more.

If you want to join our team then take a look at our Write For Us page. Just make sure that you read our guidelines first. These may be more extensive than you would like, but only so we can make life easier for our editors. Also, if you pay attention to these guidelines then you will stand a much better chance of joining our team or, at the least, put your name to a few articles on Ways to Die.

If you simply want to put a question to us; if you have a suggestion or you want to say something to one of our team, then you can use the Contact Us link. This also includes a few guidelines to try and cut down on spam.

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